Legendary Disco DJ Nicky Siano Birthday Bash in Coney Island

Nicky Siano ushered in the early soulful disco days along with his close kindred spirits Frankie Knuckles, David Mancuso and Larry Levan at The Gallery, Studio 54, The Loft and Paradise Garage changing music and clubs forever. Nicky is said by some to have opened the first real disco club and was one of the first resident DJ’s at Studio 54. He was a pioneer of so much of what happened in those days and a true New York legend. Nicky is throwing a special party for his 60th birthday billed as “The Last Party”. It will take place at Eldorado Auto Scooter, Coney Island, New York Saturday March 21st, chosen for it’s sound system. You can get tickets here for this reservation only event. And here’s a link to a great interview with Nicky where he talks about the party and his past. He will also celebrate his birthday at The Loft in London with Danny Krivit on Sunday April 5th. Happy Birthday Nicky!!!