Pyramid Club’s Eternal Afterlife

IMG_8996Is it possible that Pyramid Club is the last of the downtown punk club still in existence? As I walked past it the other day I started trying to think of all the great small original punk venues that have disappeared through the years…Max’s, CBs, Botany, Studio 10, A7, Downtown Beruit…okay I can’t actually remember the names of most of them. But I remember playing Pyramid with The Gamma Rays and Nastyfacts, and maybe even The Stimulators and seeing MC5 and Bad Brains there. Mojo working the door. Pyramid was always cool but I never imagined it would outlast all the others….the ancient Egyptian pharaohs would be proud. I’ll have to do a little more research to be sure but if anybody knows of any other old original punk clubs still open in NYC please comment. I spoke to an old friend who just happened to have been there recently. Apparently it’s still a good place to dance your butt off in that “who cares” kind of way that’s so hard to find these days.