ShapeShifter+ / MOMENT NYC Community Music Fest

MOMENT NYC is co-hosting another pop-up outdoor music festival with the nonprofit community music space, ShapeShifter, in Brooklyn, Sunday, May 23rd.

We hope you’ll join us for this NYC Open Culture live music event from noon – 7pm on Whitwell Pl between Carroll & 1st St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Music literally synchronizes us. It is one of the strongest unifying tools we have as humans. It does it through radio, on the internet, through recordings. But its ability to physically synchronize us in space together as a group is its most powerful form. And this is what we have really been missing over the past year.

The ShapeShifter+ / MOMENT NYC Community Music Fest is giving us another chance to experience live music with a live audience, something that has been rare for most of us over the past year. In a continuously shifting “new normal”, we are all coming outside again for beautiful New York weather while still facing new existential questions.

12:20pm – Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats – Bam Bam Rodriguez’s Group
1:00pm – Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats – Jim Seeley’s Group
1:45pm – Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats – Zack O’Farrill Group (Big Band)
2:30pm – Bev Grant 
3:15pm – Friends of Groove Collective
4:30pm – Take Off Collective
5:15pm – Gilberto & Friends
6:10pm – Finale and Performance Jam

MOMENT NYC is dedicated to the preservation of music diversity in New York City. We present this history and its present form at events and schools, with local artists and small music communities of all genres around the city. In addition, we support Music Workers Alliance and others, fighting for independent music worker issues.