#SaveNYC stand up for NYC Mom-and-Pops

Change is inevitable and can often be good as part of a natural evolution but not all change is good. There are some things that need to be preserved and protected by those who care. As Jerimiah Moss of Vanishing New York calls it “Hyper-gentrification” — raising rents from $10,000 to $60,000!!…rents that can only be afforded by national chains — is draining NYC’s cultural life blood and identity. #SaveNYC is a campaign to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which you can read more about here, and you can sign a petition for the cause here. Anyone who has lived in New York long enough knows there’s a certain amount of churn that is inevitable but there’s a point when the greed of the market is just not good for the city or its residents.

In the video below, Bruce, really sums up what we all have seen happening to NYC over the past many years. His story is also an example of why the #SaveNYC campaign makes a lot of sense. Of course, the devil is in the details but with enough support maybe us real New Yorkers can stop NYC from turning into a giant mall. Maybe are children can still have some small locally owned book stores, music stores and small places with live music…imagine that!!!

Check out this post to hear some free jazz from Bruce’s record store Downtown Music Gallery one of the few music stores left. It specializes in Jazz and rare recordings. Not only is the music free jazz but you can actually go there and hear jazz for free!