Ibeam / MOMENT NYC Community Music Festival II Sunday 6/20/21 1pm – 7pm

Another day of free outdoor music in the streets of Brooklyn

The Ibeam / MOMENT NYC Community Music Festival part II is giving us another chance to enjoy live music again, and as of June 15th, with less safety restrictions than we have had for over a year. We are expecting beautiful weather and hope to see you this Sunday!!

This past year has raised deep existential questions for all of us. Right now our music communities are more important than ever. Playing music together is a foundational, unifying tool of humanity that brings us the meaning-filled, and purely abstract connection we all need more of. Music literally synchronizes us. It is one of the strongest unifying tools we have as humans. It does it through radio, on the internet, through recordings. But its ability to physically synchronize us in space together as a group is its most powerful form. And this is what we have really been missing over the past year.

Ibeam / MOMENT NYC Community Music Festival II
Sunday 6/20/21  1pm – 7pm

performances by the Ibeam and MOMENT NYC communities: Steven Bernstein’s Millenial Teritory Orchestra / Bryan Drye’s Lunar Quintet/ Jeff Davis Band / Groove Collective and guests.

7th St between 2nd & 3rd Aves, Brooklyn, NY 11215

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, music can express what words cannot – between and beyond our animal instinct and intellect. We know music is more than entertainment, that it is not just a luxury. We also know that it is work. Work that has immense value beyond streaming services, and corporate profits. Yet, how independent musicians can survive in NYC is becoming less obvious. These questions and ideas are at the core of MOMENT NYC’s mission.