Recommended Video and Film

We Like It Like That: The Story of Latin Boogaloo

Latin boogaloo is New York City. It is a product of the melting pot, a colorful expression of 1960s Latino soul, straight from the streets of El Barrio, the South Bronx and Brooklyn. Starring Latin boogaloo legends like Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon and Pete Rodriguez, We Like It Like That explores this lesser-known, but pivotal moment in Latin music history, through original interviews, music recordings, live performances, dancing and rare archival footage and images. From its origins to its recent resurgence in popularity, We Like It Like That tells the story of a sound that redefined a generation and was too funky to keep down.




From Mambo To Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale

From Mambo to Hip Hop: A Bronx Tale tells a story about the creative life of the South Bronx and the creation of the New York salsa sound. FEATURING: Angel Rodríguez, Benny Bonilla, Bobby Sanabria, Bom 5, Carlos “Charlie Chase” Mandes, Clemente “Kid Freeze” Moreno, Curtis “Caz” Brown, David Gonzalez, Mr. and Mrs. Salsa, Eddie Palmieri, Emma Rodríguez, Ray Barretto,, Willie Colón and more.

1 hour, 7 minutes




Black February

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, the legendary jazz composer and conductor, stars in Black February. Director Vipal Monga’s documentary chronicles an unprecedented series of concerts performed in February 2005 by Butch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Conduction, his revolutionary technique for live music-making. The film is a testament to Butch’s place as a leading figure in the evolution of jazz.

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, Andrea Parkins, Greg Tate
1 hour, 4 minutes