“Danny Says” Finally Comes to NYC!

DannyLouAndyThe documentary film “Danny Says” about Danny Field’s – the visionary, publicist, booking agent, and musical connector who first booked Max’s Kansas City, managed the Ramones and made the Doors famous – is finally having it’s New York City premiere. The film, by Brendon Toller, features some great interviews and clips, like a fantastic audio clip of Lou Reed’s reaction to hearing the Ramones for the first time! Field’s life story is nothing short of amazing if only for the number of musicians and celebrities that are in someway connected or touched by his life, but beyond that, his key role in the NYC underground rock scene of the 70’s cannot be understated. Unfortunately, the premiere which will be at the Walter Reade Theater on July 29th is already sold out.
You can learn more about Danny Fields and the film here.