Live events, exhibits, & fun with all kinds of New York City music past, present, and future.

MOMENT is a living museum and community organized for the purpose of creating a comprehensive history of New York City music, and supporting its vibrant music communities. Operating in tandem with educators, musicians, venues, and institutions, we celebrate music culture and diversity in the context of New York City history with the goal of inspiring young artists, supporting independent musicians, and preserving a legacy of innovation and artistry. MOMENT advocates for the support of musicians, music students, and naturally occurring music communities throughout their life cycles and promotes the importance of music to the human condition.


The MOMENT Community is a network of citizens, music professionals, performers, historians, educators, community organizations, and local heroes who collectively make up the living Museum of Music & Entertainment in NYC. Help preserve our collective musical legacy for future generations. Become part of this diverse community museum, by and for the people of New York. We are founded on community involvement, volunteers, and support. By joining the MOMENT NYC Community you can help shape it! Contact us to find out more – [email protected].

We produce interactive live events, exhibits, educational programming, and community-centered experiences that encourage participation, knowledge sharing, and musically open minds.

Where are we currently located? We’re EVERYWHERE!   Find us in venues, classrooms, theaters across NYC until we have a home of our own!

NYC has been at the center of the music world for over a century and been a touchstone for countless generations of musicians and musical movements. Landmarks such as Tin Pan Alley, the Brill Building, Broadway, The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, the Palladium Ballroom, CBGBs, Studio 54 and Paradise Garage have all called this city home. From the days of vaudeville through the many phases of Jazz, from doo wop and the beatniks to the folk revival; from ultramodernism and avant garde minimalism to salsa, disco, funk, and punk; from free jazz and no wave to anti-folk, hip hop and house – music has created much of NYC’s identity. It is a rich and beautifully complex story of resilient communities, and creativity sparked by diversity, industry, and resourcefulness. It is New York City’s rhythm and harmony, at times to some asynchronous and discordant but always moving forward.

MOMENT explores connections in all genres and aspects of music and musical entertainment including writing, performing, health, and technology, spanning from the earliest records to the present day and to as far as we can imagine.